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 HiLit under the UREP brand specializes in Property Management solutions for small to mid-size Multi-Family and Mixed-Use properties throughout Chicago. We are a full service company with a team of Licensed Illinois Brokers, Licensed General Contractors, and Investors holding a personal portfolio of Multi-Unit & Mixed-Use buildings throughout Chicago.


Being the owner of an investment property doesn’t need to be time consuming or stressful. At UREP we can make it easy! We maintain strong personal relationships with our clients, and they appreciate how hard we work to keep things running smoothly. You’ll love our service centric approach, competitively-priced solutions, financial expertise and comprehensive online tools for full visibility on your UREP managed buildings.


The professionals at UREP have the financial expertise and industry experience to maximize the returns on your investment. Partner with UREP and let us show you how we can make your life easier.

As a full service real estate firm, we specialize in providing the following services for  Multi-Family & Mixed-Use buildings from 4-60 units:


  • UREP takes care of all building maintenance needs, everything from routine maintenance to major repair projects. We coordinate scheduling and communicate to tenants when appropriate.

Record Keeping

  • UREP handles all record keeping (such as security deposits, lease addenda and eviction notices) to insure you comply with local, state and federal laws.

  • For your security and insurance reasons, we maintain insurance records on all our vendors.

  • For tax purposes, we keep track of your property’s income, including valuable tax-deductible expenses.



  • We utilize numerous popular advertising mediums to gain the most effective market exposure for rental listings.

  • We employ professional and knowledgeable leasing agents to showcase properties and create a strong relationship with prospective tenants.

Tenant Placement

  • Finding and keeping the right tenants are key components of maximizing your ROI. UREP performs background and credit checks to insure that your lease is signed by the most reliable candidates.


Lease Signing

  • All details of the lease signing are handled by UREP. We allow owners to add stipulations to the lease at their request.

  • UREP also provides brokerage services – so we can handle Rent-to-Own, or Option-to-Buy agreements!

Rent Collection

  • To ensure that you receive your payment on time, every month, we use an up-to-date online payment system that offers tenants convenient payment options.


  • UREP handles all ongoing financial transactions with vendors.

  • Upon request, we can send owners their monthly profits via ACH (electronic) payments that are conveniently deposited directly into your bank account.


Tenant Correspondence

  • We handle all correspondence with your tenants.

  • In accordance with the Chicago Tenant Landlord Ordinance, we give tenants 48-hour notice before entering their apartment.


Enforcement of Building/Association Rules

  • UREP works to enforce your lease agreement as well as any zoning/association rules.

  • In accordance with lease agreements, we enforce late rent fees for every occurrence.

Common Goals

  • UREP is compensated based on the rent our clients’ properties bring in each month. Therefore, our goals for your property are directly in line with your bottom line.

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